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Documentation is work-in-progress, so here is only basic documentation

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This project aims to simplify development process of Odoo addons as much as possible.

odoo-helper-scripts will do all routine operations for you: - install odoo with ALL dependencies (even those not mentioned in odoo's requirements.txt like python-slugify) - manage local development databases - install custom addons - check if versions of modules are updated before pushing changes. - generate / regenerate translations - run tests - and a lot more

If you have any routine operation that you would like to automate with odoo-helper-scripts, just fill an issue or do pull request, and may be that feature will be available in one of next releases.

WARNING: If you want to deploy production-ready odoo server, please, read carefully Usage notes section.


Usage note

This script collection is designed to simplify life of addons developer. This project is not designed, to install and configure production ready Odoo instances, unless you know what you do!

For production-ready installations take a look at crnd-deploy project - just a single command allows you to get production-ready odoo instance with configured PostgreSQL and Nginx.

Also take a look at Yodoo Cockpit project, and discover the easiest way to manage your production Odoo installations.

Yodoo Cockpit

Just short notes about Yodoo Cockpit: - start new production-ready odoo instance in 1-2 minutes. - add custom addons to your odoo instances in 5-10 minutes. - out-of-the-box email configuration: just press button and add some records to your DNS, and get a working email - make your odoo instance available to external world (internet) in 30 seconds (just add single record in your DNS)

Level up your service quality

Level up your service with Helpdesk / Service Desk / ITSM solution by CR&D.

Just test it at yodoo.systems: choose template you like, and start working.

Test all available features of Bureaucrat ITSM with this template.


For full list of installation options look at installation documentation or Quick Start Guide

odoo-helper-scripts could be installed as .deb packages, but this feature is still in alpha. See releases page.*

To install odoo-helper-scripts system-wide do folowing:

# Install odoo-helper-scripts
wget -O - https://gitlab.com/katyukha/odoo-helper-scripts/raw/master/install-system.bash | sudo bash -s

# Install system dependencies required for odoo-helper-scripts
# NOTE: Works only on debian-based systems
odoo-helper install pre-requirements

or more explicit way:

# Download installation script
wget -O /tmp/odoo-helper-install.bash https://gitlab.com/katyukha/odoo-helper-scripts/raw/master/install-system.bash;

# Install odoo-helper-scripts
sudo bash /tmp/odoo-helper-install.bash;

#  Intall system pre-requirements for odoo-helper-scripts
# NOTE: Works only on debian-based systems
odoo-helper install pre-requirements

Do not forget to install and configure postgres:

# install postgres and create db user with name 'odoo' and password 'odoo'
odoo-helper install postgres odoo odoo

Basic usage


Install Odoo in specified directory (using virtualenv)

odoo-helper install sys-deps 11.0  # install global system dependencies for specified version of Odoo
odoo-install --odoo-version 11.0   # no sudo required

After this you will have odoo and it's dependencies installed into odoo-11.0 directory.

This installation also creates odoo-helper.conf file inside project, which allows to use odoo-helper script to simplify interaction with this odoo installation.

Description of odoo-helper project's directory structure is here


This is the main script to manage Odoo instances installed by odoo-install

Most of odoo-helper-scripts functionality is implemented as subcommands of odoo-helper. For example odoo-helper server contains server management commands like:

All odoo-helper commands may be splited in two groups:

Odoo instance management commands are commands that manage Odoo instances installed using odoo-install script. Example of such commands may be: odoo-helper server or odoo-helper db commands. These commands are required to be ran inside Odoo instance directory (directory with Odoo installed using odoo-install) or its subdirectories. Thusodoo-helper could find project/instance config file.

See Frequently used commands and Command reference for more info about available commands or just run odoo-helper --help


Have you any quetions? Just fill an issue or send email